Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 25

Starting at 8:00am I went to the barn and fed all the ponies , then after everyone had ate their meal I let them all out ! I cleaned all four stalls , filled waters and hay nets ! I then set up a jump course for my afternoon jump lesson !! By then the farrier was here to do Henny ! I got Henny in and Henny got his feet all done (:

After the farrier left it was time to leave for S.B's jump lesson at CAF , so I got Roman out and ready for his lesson ! Roman had a wonderful jump lesson , he was a good boy (:

After we got back I cleaned up around the barn and unloaded the trailer . I got Romana out and ready for S.B to ride ! While she was riding I cleaned some tack from the jumping lesson .

Then after she was done with Romana , I got Henny out for a jump lesson ! I tacked him up and we went outside !! We jumped a group of 3 jumps that were a stride apart in trot - then in canter , by the end the last jump was up to 3 foot (:  We also jumped two barrel jumps that were 3 strides apart !! He is jumping 3 foot like it's nothing - yay Henny. I love my jumping machine (:

After our lesson we took a long walk , showered the sweaty boy off and turned him back out !! About an hour later I went back out and let the kids in to feed everyone (:

I go home tomorrow so I will not be writing , and we leave for South Farms in Ohio on Friday. I probably won;t write til Sunday night !!

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