Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 19

Thank god for today (: It went a lot better then yesterday !

This morning started off with me going out to the barn , I fed all the ponies and after they were done eating I threw them all outside ! Then I started in on cleaning all the stalls , filled waters and hay nets !! After the barn was all cleaned up, I got Henny out and the trailer and worked on loading ( by the way he hates if there's not another horse out there)  and he only backed off once & every other time he got right on  -  maybe the ground work is paying off (:

Then S.B and I loaded Henny and Roman and we went for a lesson at Come Again Farms . We put Henny in a stall while S.B had her lesson , then I got Henny ready for his ! After warming up we went over a little fence in trot (which he did great ) then we did it in canter and 2 strides before the jump he pulled us over it , like he loves to do ! So she told us next time come at it in canter again and 2 strides in front of the jump  to halt ! So we did and then we turned around after we halted and this time , she said just think halt 2 strides before the jump and it was perfect -  it was such an easy jump ! Next we started adding more jumps and every time we got to a jump, I would think halt 2 strides before and if he decided to take off without me I stopped him !  By the end, we were doing a whole course at canter, without any pulling at all (: she also told me to look where his feet are going to land without throwing my shoulders forward and that really did help us !! I had a great time (:

When we got back, I threw the horses out and unloaded the trailer . Then I got Ramana out for S.B to ride.  While she was riding, i cleaned the bridles that we used ! After she was done riding, I showered Ramana off, put her in her stall, brought the boys in and fed everyone !

And now it's raining again ): GREEEAAAT !!


Kelly said...

Sounds like it was a great lesson for you and Henny - good job!

Lex said...

Thanks (: