Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 17

Show Day !

We started the day at 6am , we went down to the barn, fed all the horses, threw Henny out , mucked out Ransom's stall due to the fact that he is on stall rest til tomorrow , then i put shipping boots on Roman and Romana and off we went to the show at Come Again Farms !

When we got there S.B and I set up their stalls , unloaded the ponies , brought in all the tack and relaxed for a min !

S.B. first dressage test was at almost 10am so i had to have Roman ready and tacked for her to get on at 9:30 am . After her test, which went well , I took him and un-tacked him !

Next was show jumping , so i had to have all his tack on and boots ready for her by 11:20 for her to get on and jump ! After her jumping I took Roman un-tacked him and started getting Romana ready for her two dressage tests ! After her two test, I un-tacked her and got Roman ready for cross country !!! After his wonderful course, I walked him out and un-tacked him !

After that I put everything in the trailer and got the horses ready to go and we headed home ! After a long day at the show, we came home cleaned horses stalls , let everyone in and fed (:

I just got done doing night check and I took Henny for a walk, since he didn't get to see him mommy all day (: He was a good boy - our ground manners are improving (: Yaaay !!!

Goodnight !!!

BTW ; Happy Father's Day Dad (: Thank you mom and dad for coming out and watching S.B. !!
Wonderful job today S.B !! (:



Amy said...

Sounds like you are living a dream! You are a lucky girl

Kelly said...

You worked hard today! Glad we got to spend some time with you.
It was fun to love on the not so grumpy ginger pony :)

Lex said...

Thank you !

and Mom I so glad you guys got to come (: