Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 20

The morning started off pretty slow, but that didn't last long !

About 9am I went to the barn fed all the horses, when they were done eating I let them all out ! I then cleaned all the stalls , filled water buckets , and hay nets . After all that was done , I got Henny out and got him ready to ride ! S.B came down to the barn and gave us a dressage lesson ! We went over Intro Test C first and the only part we had a little trouble with , is when we have to trot across the diagonal , Henny wanted to speed up ! So just kept trotting across the diagonal and then we would stop at X ! Then we ran through the test again , and he did not speed up (: Then we worked on some stretching down in the trot because we have to do that for our Training Level 1 Test ! Then we ran through that test and we did great ! We will be competing these two tests at HHP this Saturday (:

After I was done with him , I got Roman out and lunged him for about 15min ! After that I got Henny out once again and we worked on some loading ! This time we used the rope halter and made him self load - he would do good until he was backed off and then he could get his head to the right and take off - he took off 3 times ! So then we went back to the trailer and made him self load again and then back him off, keeping his head to the left !! We did that 4 times and he was great !! We're getting there, lol !

Then I got Ransom out for S.B to ride . While she was riding, I cleaned the grooming tools and cleaned up the feed room and tack room ! After she got done riding , we went to get hay !! We unloaded the hay - we got about 70 bales !!  After all the hay was unloaded , I cleaned up the barn and then got Ramana out for S.B to ride ! When she was riding, I cleaned all the tack from today , then let the boys in and fed everyone their dinner !!

What a busy day (:


Kelly said...

Now I just have to practice reading your tests! You and Henny will be great Saturday :)

Lex said...

Thanks (: