Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 14, June 15th

Today I had my lesson with J.C. ! When we got to her place S.B. had her lesson first so i waited around with Henny which he hated ! Then I got him tacked up and we went in for our lesson , I just let him walk around on a loose rein until she was ready ! Then when she was ready we talked about what he is best at and what he is not so great at . Then she had us pick up a medium trot on a 20 meter circle and he kept wanting to break into canter , soooo she made us canter and canter and canter , then he happily went back into trot . But on our 20 meter circle he kept wanting to pull through my reins so she had me raise my inside rein straight up which made him give to me once he figured out that i wasn't going to let the rein down till he gave. We did this at canter too !

This lesson really helped us a lot and I'm so glad we got to do this !
Thank you S.B !!!

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