Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 21

I got up this morning and went down to the barn and fed all the kids (: Then after they were all done eating I let everyone out, cleaned stalls, filled waters, and hay nets !! After the barn was all cleaned up I got Ransom out of the pasture and lunged him , he is still off in the back .

Then I brought Henny in and tacked him up and S.B came out and gave us a dressage lesson . Henny was a little lazy today =/ I had to work extra hard !! We worked on trot across the diagonal , trying to keep the same speed the whole way through . Then we did lots of shoulder in because going to the right he wants to stick his butt to the inside ! Then we worked on the canter parts of both of our tests !!

After our lesson , we worked on some more trailer loading ! This time I had gloves on , a rope halter and a lunge line ! Henny and I walked on and off the trailer three times with no trouble so we stopped there (:

Next I got Roman out and rode him ! We worked on lots of stretching down in trot , some shoulder in and lots of canter transitions ! Then I got Romana out for S.B to ride. While she was on her, I cleaned all tack and brought feed up from the house ! Next we got Henny back out and lunged him to get him stretching down .  After that S.B pulled his tail and then I put a tail wrap on it ! 

Tomorrow we leave for the show at HHP so I won't write again until Saturday evening !!

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