Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 13

Went out to the barn around 8am and feed all the horses , After there done eating I let them all outside . I mucked out all the stalls, filled hay nets and water buckets .

At around 10am I brought Henny inside and tacked him up for our dressage lesson ! We went outside and SB gave us a great dressage lesson . First we worked on free walk to medium walk transitions (without getting tense and breaking in to trot) and he is getting a lot better at it ! Then we did 20 meter circles at the walk and kept decreasing the size of the circle and then leg yielding out , we did this on both reins . We continued on and did the same thing in trot and canter . The point of this was to keep the same power and speed as the circle got smaller and as we leg yielded out to make sure he was really stepping over with the inside hind leg . This is a really tuff exercise but he was really starting to understand and not fight me and just do what I was asking .

After I out Henny away , I got Roman out and got him ready for his jump lesson ! I went with SB to her jump lesson and  he is really doing great (:

Later on today , I got Ramana out and lunged her . We worked on a lot of transitions, bending and having lots of power in her transitions ! Then after i was done with her I cleaned a lot on tack the was starting to mold and then let all the horses in and feed them (:

I was really excited that tomorrow I get to take a lesson with SB's trainer JC !

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Kelly said...

Have a great lesson this afternoon - looking forward to seeing you this evening :)