Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 24

Woke up to rain .. yay !!

A rainy day at the barn means horses don't go out until the rain stops , yay for me . I put each horse in the indoor while I mucked out each of there stalls , filled water buckets and hay nets ! I then lunged each horse , just to get them moving ! After I lunged each horse I gave them a full groom . After the rain stopped I let out all the horses .

I then brought in all the tack from yesterdays trail ride and cleaned all of it . Then I muck out the trailer . After that I got out Roman and got him ready for S.B to ride . While she was riding I cleaned feed buckets and filled the feed bins .

I let in all the horses and feed everyone there dinners, here in a min I will go out for night check !!

It was a slow day today because the horses had the day off , but overall a good day !!

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