Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 25

Starting at 8:00am I went to the barn and fed all the ponies , then after everyone had ate their meal I let them all out ! I cleaned all four stalls , filled waters and hay nets ! I then set up a jump course for my afternoon jump lesson !! By then the farrier was here to do Henny ! I got Henny in and Henny got his feet all done (:

After the farrier left it was time to leave for S.B's jump lesson at CAF , so I got Roman out and ready for his lesson ! Roman had a wonderful jump lesson , he was a good boy (:

After we got back I cleaned up around the barn and unloaded the trailer . I got Romana out and ready for S.B to ride ! While she was riding I cleaned some tack from the jumping lesson .

Then after she was done with Romana , I got Henny out for a jump lesson ! I tacked him up and we went outside !! We jumped a group of 3 jumps that were a stride apart in trot - then in canter , by the end the last jump was up to 3 foot (:  We also jumped two barrel jumps that were 3 strides apart !! He is jumping 3 foot like it's nothing - yay Henny. I love my jumping machine (:

After our lesson we took a long walk , showered the sweaty boy off and turned him back out !! About an hour later I went back out and let the kids in to feed everyone (:

I go home tomorrow so I will not be writing , and we leave for South Farms in Ohio on Friday. I probably won;t write til Sunday night !!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 24

Woke up to rain .. yay !!

A rainy day at the barn means horses don't go out until the rain stops , yay for me . I put each horse in the indoor while I mucked out each of there stalls , filled water buckets and hay nets ! I then lunged each horse , just to get them moving ! After I lunged each horse I gave them a full groom . After the rain stopped I let out all the horses .

I then brought in all the tack from yesterdays trail ride and cleaned all of it . Then I muck out the trailer . After that I got out Roman and got him ready for S.B to ride . While she was riding I cleaned feed buckets and filled the feed bins .

I let in all the horses and feed everyone there dinners, here in a min I will go out for night check !!

It was a slow day today because the horses had the day off , but overall a good day !!

Show Pictures

Intro C
Training Level Test 1

Getting ready to lung !!



Getting ready to go in !!

Blue ribbon (:

YAY !!

And Another blue ribbon (:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 23

Trail Riding Day (:

Today we went trail riding in Brown County !! We left this morning at 7:30 am , another early morning ): We picked up another horse & rider on our way , we got there around 9:00am ! We waited around for some other people that we were meeting up with, then set out on the trail for Story Inn . This was Henny's first time ever on any trail ride ! He did wonderful , the trails were really muddy and some were a little tricky , and we had to jump some logs !! We got to Story Inn after about a two hour ride !! We tied up the horses and went in to eat ! When we got done eating , the horses were still standing quiet when we got done (:
We headed back on the trail and took it a little bit easier on the way back, going through many creeks and lots of mud ! All horses did so good and everyone had sooo much fun ! When we got done I un-tacked Henny and walked him to a creek to have a drink of water and he drank a lot of water , like a good boy (: We then loaded up and went home to muck out stalls and tuck everyone in for the night !! Henny will have the day off tomorrow (: He was been sooo good this weekend !!!
Waiting (:

S.B and me at the Story Inn

Day 22, June 25th 2011

Show Day
HHP In Edinburgh , IN
IDS Schooling Show !!

My day started around 7:30 am when we got to the HHP to feed Henny ! My ride time was not til about 10:50 am , so I had lots of time to chill . I got Henny out to lounge about 9:30 am , he was a super good boy , was perfect on the lounge ! I got on to warm up around 10:20 am . Henny was really relaxed and good in the warm-up ! We went in for our test , we rode Training Level Test 1 and he was really good , could have been a little more forward but over all, really good boy ! We got a 60.14... % and took 1st place out of about 7 riders (:

We had lots of time in between my two tests because I didn't show again til 5:04 pm !!!

I got on about 4:30 pm ! Got him in the warm up and made sure he was moving super forward and listening really well ! We then went into the ring and showed Intro C and he was wonderful , very forward and listening well ! We got a 67.1.. % THAT IS OUR BEST SCORE EVER (: and also won that class !!!!

I was very happy with how well he did (: 

Thank you mom, dad and S.B for everything you do for me (:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 21

I got up this morning and went down to the barn and fed all the kids (: Then after they were all done eating I let everyone out, cleaned stalls, filled waters, and hay nets !! After the barn was all cleaned up I got Ransom out of the pasture and lunged him , he is still off in the back .

Then I brought Henny in and tacked him up and S.B came out and gave us a dressage lesson . Henny was a little lazy today =/ I had to work extra hard !! We worked on trot across the diagonal , trying to keep the same speed the whole way through . Then we did lots of shoulder in because going to the right he wants to stick his butt to the inside ! Then we worked on the canter parts of both of our tests !!

After our lesson , we worked on some more trailer loading ! This time I had gloves on , a rope halter and a lunge line ! Henny and I walked on and off the trailer three times with no trouble so we stopped there (:

Next I got Roman out and rode him ! We worked on lots of stretching down in trot , some shoulder in and lots of canter transitions ! Then I got Romana out for S.B to ride. While she was on her, I cleaned all tack and brought feed up from the house ! Next we got Henny back out and lunged him to get him stretching down .  After that S.B pulled his tail and then I put a tail wrap on it ! 

Tomorrow we leave for the show at HHP so I won't write again until Saturday evening !!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Henny looking not so happy !! But just so you can see his progress from our first picture !!

Here it is mom a Serrata !!

Day 20

The morning started off pretty slow, but that didn't last long !

About 9am I went to the barn fed all the horses, when they were done eating I let them all out ! I then cleaned all the stalls , filled water buckets , and hay nets . After all that was done , I got Henny out and got him ready to ride ! S.B came down to the barn and gave us a dressage lesson ! We went over Intro Test C first and the only part we had a little trouble with , is when we have to trot across the diagonal , Henny wanted to speed up ! So just kept trotting across the diagonal and then we would stop at X ! Then we ran through the test again , and he did not speed up (: Then we worked on some stretching down in the trot because we have to do that for our Training Level 1 Test ! Then we ran through that test and we did great ! We will be competing these two tests at HHP this Saturday (:

After I was done with him , I got Roman out and lunged him for about 15min ! After that I got Henny out once again and we worked on some loading ! This time we used the rope halter and made him self load - he would do good until he was backed off and then he could get his head to the right and take off - he took off 3 times ! So then we went back to the trailer and made him self load again and then back him off, keeping his head to the left !! We did that 4 times and he was great !! We're getting there, lol !

Then I got Ransom out for S.B to ride . While she was riding, I cleaned the grooming tools and cleaned up the feed room and tack room ! After she got done riding , we went to get hay !! We unloaded the hay - we got about 70 bales !!  After all the hay was unloaded , I cleaned up the barn and then got Ramana out for S.B to ride ! When she was riding, I cleaned all the tack from today , then let the boys in and fed everyone their dinner !!

What a busy day (:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 19

Thank god for today (: It went a lot better then yesterday !

This morning started off with me going out to the barn , I fed all the ponies and after they were done eating I threw them all outside ! Then I started in on cleaning all the stalls , filled waters and hay nets !! After the barn was all cleaned up, I got Henny out and the trailer and worked on loading ( by the way he hates if there's not another horse out there)  and he only backed off once & every other time he got right on  -  maybe the ground work is paying off (:

Then S.B and I loaded Henny and Roman and we went for a lesson at Come Again Farms . We put Henny in a stall while S.B had her lesson , then I got Henny ready for his ! After warming up we went over a little fence in trot (which he did great ) then we did it in canter and 2 strides before the jump he pulled us over it , like he loves to do ! So she told us next time come at it in canter again and 2 strides in front of the jump  to halt ! So we did and then we turned around after we halted and this time , she said just think halt 2 strides before the jump and it was perfect -  it was such an easy jump ! Next we started adding more jumps and every time we got to a jump, I would think halt 2 strides before and if he decided to take off without me I stopped him !  By the end, we were doing a whole course at canter, without any pulling at all (: she also told me to look where his feet are going to land without throwing my shoulders forward and that really did help us !! I had a great time (:

When we got back, I threw the horses out and unloaded the trailer . Then I got Ramana out for S.B to ride.  While she was riding, i cleaned the bridles that we used ! After she was done riding, I showered Ramana off, put her in her stall, brought the boys in and fed everyone !

And now it's raining again ): GREEEAAAT !!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 18

YUCK .. is the word of the day !

When I woke up today it was pouring down rain and thunder and lightening like crazy.  I went down stairs and S.B said we were not going out to the horses til the rain slows down.

Around 10am we went to the barn , and it was a mess and flooded ! We put Roman in the indoor cause his stall was the worst , we filled up two muck tubs and couldn't go dump them cause of the lightening so we feed them all and went back in the house !

Around 12 pm the rain let up a little and there was no more lightening so we went back out to the barn and threw them all out! I mucked out all the stalls while S.B went to go get more bedding . After i was done I helped unload the bedding , re bed all stalls . Then I threw down some hay !!

About 5pm I let everyone in and got Henny out for a dressage lesson ! For our warm up we did free walk to medium walk transitions (which are improving ) I no longer get trot just by picking my reins up (: Then we worked on a lot of medium walk to trot without throwing his head in the air. It's taking time but we're getting there . Next we did 10 meter circles at each A,C,E,and B ! Then the last thing we did is 20m cantering at A,C,E,and B and bring his down to a trot after the 20 m circle and picking the canter back up at the next letter ! It's harder for him to do it the right way going to the left because he is really having to use his right hind leg which is his weaker one , but after i really got after him it improved so we quit there !!! I'm soo proud of how far he has come , and when I think about that, our ride goes a lot better (:

After our lesson , I showered him off and fed everyone , brought all the tack in from the show and went inside (:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 17

Show Day !

We started the day at 6am , we went down to the barn, fed all the horses, threw Henny out , mucked out Ransom's stall due to the fact that he is on stall rest til tomorrow , then i put shipping boots on Roman and Romana and off we went to the show at Come Again Farms !

When we got there S.B and I set up their stalls , unloaded the ponies , brought in all the tack and relaxed for a min !

S.B. first dressage test was at almost 10am so i had to have Roman ready and tacked for her to get on at 9:30 am . After her test, which went well , I took him and un-tacked him !

Next was show jumping , so i had to have all his tack on and boots ready for her by 11:20 for her to get on and jump ! After her jumping I took Roman un-tacked him and started getting Romana ready for her two dressage tests ! After her two test, I un-tacked her and got Roman ready for cross country !!! After his wonderful course, I walked him out and un-tacked him !

After that I put everything in the trailer and got the horses ready to go and we headed home ! After a long day at the show, we came home cleaned horses stalls , let everyone in and fed (:

I just got done doing night check and I took Henny for a walk, since he didn't get to see him mommy all day (: He was a good boy - our ground manners are improving (: Yaaay !!!

Goodnight !!!

BTW ; Happy Father's Day Dad (: Thank you mom and dad for coming out and watching S.B. !!
Wonderful job today S.B !! (:


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 16

Today I was all on my own all day ! I woke up this morning and fed all the ponies and then cleaned all the stalla and filled water buckets and hay nets . After all that was done I started riding the horses .

First I rode Hennessy and I worked a lot on sending him forward and the trick the J.C worked with us on , then I rode Ramana and Roman and just worked a lot on sending them forward in there gaits !

Then I gave Ramana and Roman a bath because they have a show tomorrow . I then cleaned all the show tack and put it in to the trailer .

Later on S.B had a student come and take a lesson , then i let the horses inside and feed them ! We decided not to take the horses to the show tonight , we will just have a early start tomorrow !

Goodnight (:

Day 15 , June 17th

Today started out by me feeding all the horses and cleaning stalls !

Then I got Henny out and put his jumping tack on and a heart rate monitor on him , and I took him for a gallop around the field and measured his heart rate and then how long it took it to go back to normal ! We found out that he is really fit (: I got out Roman and did the same thing !

Then I got out Ramana and lunged her and then S.B. and I went to CAF to help set up for the show ! We painted jump poles (: When we got back to the barn I took Henny for a nice long walk around the farm (:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 14, June 15th

Today I had my lesson with J.C. ! When we got to her place S.B. had her lesson first so i waited around with Henny which he hated ! Then I got him tacked up and we went in for our lesson , I just let him walk around on a loose rein until she was ready ! Then when she was ready we talked about what he is best at and what he is not so great at . Then she had us pick up a medium trot on a 20 meter circle and he kept wanting to break into canter , soooo she made us canter and canter and canter , then he happily went back into trot . But on our 20 meter circle he kept wanting to pull through my reins so she had me raise my inside rein straight up which made him give to me once he figured out that i wasn't going to let the rein down till he gave. We did this at canter too !

This lesson really helped us a lot and I'm so glad we got to do this !
Thank you S.B !!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 13

Went out to the barn around 8am and feed all the horses , After there done eating I let them all outside . I mucked out all the stalls, filled hay nets and water buckets .

At around 10am I brought Henny inside and tacked him up for our dressage lesson ! We went outside and SB gave us a great dressage lesson . First we worked on free walk to medium walk transitions (without getting tense and breaking in to trot) and he is getting a lot better at it ! Then we did 20 meter circles at the walk and kept decreasing the size of the circle and then leg yielding out , we did this on both reins . We continued on and did the same thing in trot and canter . The point of this was to keep the same power and speed as the circle got smaller and as we leg yielded out to make sure he was really stepping over with the inside hind leg . This is a really tuff exercise but he was really starting to understand and not fight me and just do what I was asking .

After I out Henny away , I got Roman out and got him ready for his jump lesson ! I went with SB to her jump lesson and  he is really doing great (:

Later on today , I got Ramana out and lunged her . We worked on a lot of transitions, bending and having lots of power in her transitions ! Then after i was done with her I cleaned a lot on tack the was starting to mold and then let all the horses in and feed them (:

I was really excited that tomorrow I get to take a lesson with SB's trainer JC !

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 12

My day started at 7:30 , i went down to the barn and feed. After they were all done eating , I got Ransom out and put his shipping boots on because he went to the vet today , to get x-rays to see why he is not using his back the right way . I didn't go to the vet with Ransom i stayed at the barn and cleaned stalls , filled hay nets and clean and filled water buckets .

After the barn was cleaned up I got Roman out and put his dressage tack on and rode him for about 30 min . I worked on lots of bending in the trot and transitions from trot to halt back to trot ! Then we worked on a little bit of canter transitions.

When SB got back with Ransom , I got Hennessy out and put all his jumping tack on ! We went out side and had a jumping lesson (: we worked on riding a straight line to the jumping and making sure that after the jump he was not pulling on me ! Which he is really improving on !! we were jumping mainly 2'6 and one 3 foot jump . We took a long walk after a great lesson (:

Later in the day , I put Cribox on all the fences outside , so that Roman and Ransom will stop cribbing . Then I got out Ramana for SB to ride and while she was riding I through hay down, filled outside water tubs, re-stocked grain room and cleaned up the tack room !

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 11

The Horses Day Off !!!

Today SB and I just took it easy (still very tired from the show). The horses just got to enjoy the nice weather and be outside eating grass all day ! While SB and I cleaned stalls , tack and trailer !

We also set of a new jump course for this week and cleaned the barn up a lot , sence we were gone all weekend !

I just wanted to use this post to thank my parents for everything they do for me and Henny because without my mom and dads help none of this would happen !! I would also like to think my amazing trainer SB for everything she does for me and Henny (: Thanks for everyones help and support !

The videos under this post were of our dressage test which we did beginner novice test A !
And the jump course was set at 2'6 and the start and finsh of the wonderful cross country course (:
Thank you again to everyone that came and cheered me on at the show this weekend !!!!

Show Pictures !

This was are first time doing beginner novice at centerline (: and we got 4th out of 9 !!!!
Henny looking very tired !

Still worked up after eventing (:

Waiting ..

warm up

getting ready to go jump !!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 10


We got to Centerline early this morning ! And i got on to warm up for dressage around 9:15 . The warm up was not good at all because the ground was all muddy for the rain we got the night before , but we did are best to warm up !
When we went in the show ring Henny was very forward and listening well ! we rode a very good test (: when ended up with a 62% !!!! YAY Henny !!!
Next we went out and walked the show jumping course and the cross-country !!
Then after waiting ...
waiting ....
waiting ...
and more waiting... which i hate !!!!

We finally got on again at 1:30 to warm up jumps !
Are warm up went great Henny was in my hands and moving great off my legs (:

The show jumping course was horrible the ground was high grass with lots of holes but we made it though it with one runout and one rail down !! everyone was having lots of prombles with the course!

But we put that behind us and went out for cross country and had a wonderful time (: we kinda got lost but we found are way lol !!! and we had to go through a deeeeep water jump which he didnt want to but i made him atleast walk throught it!!!! We came galloping two the last two jump ! words from mom " the smile you had coming over that last fence was priceless (: It was the most fun i have ever had !!!!

Great show (: I love my Henny !!!  Pictures coming soon !!!

Day 9

Picture Day !

Today SB and I will leave for the eventing schooling show at centerline, we will be taking Henny and Roman ! Today I cleaned out all the stalls and filled water and hay nets while SB rode Ramana for about 15 min ! Then we gave Roman and Hennessy a bath and made them all pretty ! We left for the show around 3:30.

When we got to centerline , we unpacked and got on are ponies !!! When we were schooling Henny is now learning that I mean business on the flat work ! and after yelling at him like i was going to kill him (raaawwww ) he choose to listen (:

This is Roman (aka grumpy ginger)

This is Ramana ( aka the queen of the farm )

This is the small indoor !

The now ugly not so baby anymore chickens

This is the CUTE baby next door !

And of course my barn buds the dogs (:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 9 !

  1. I got up early this morning and feed all the horses and turned them out , then around 9:00am I got Ramana out and put her dressage tack on and SB( my trainer) rode her . While SB rode Ramana I got out Roman and tacked him up for dressage also. When SB was done with Ramana I gave her Roman and she rode Roman !
  2. After both of them were back outside , I cleaned all the stalls, filled water buckets and hay net . Then I went out to the out door school and set my own 5 jump course. I stated with one vertical then went to a barrel jump then across the diagonal over another barrel jump and over two verticals the were one stride apart !
  3. I got Henny out and put his jumping tack on and SB came out to give me a jumping lesson ! We started with just a cross rail for warm up, then moved on to doing a vertical then the barrel jump then the whole course . The jumps were set atleast at 2'6 maybe even a little higher then that ! Henny did very well , i love this horse to death because sometime we would have to take the jumps a weird angles and as long as i sit back he will go over anything . The point of this course was to work on tigh turn and Henny even did some flying changes (without freaking out) which is a big deal for him (:
  4. I found out after my lesson that i will get to take a dressage lesson next week with JC( SB's trainer ) which I am every excited about , and i may even get to ride some of her "fancey" horses sometime this summer (:
  5. After we took a break for lunch , I got Henny out again and we work on rapping his legs the correct way and i got to pratices using different kinds of raps ! Then I worked on braidding again today and have already improved from yesterday ! 

Picture shows haft braided and haft just pulled (:

Tomorrow we will leave for the eventing show at centerline that will be saturday (: We are very excited !!

P.S. Is this better dad ? (:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 8 !

Another list of things today !

  1. Feed
  1. Let Roman, Ramana, and Ransom out !
  2. Put Henny in the cross ties !
  3. Groom him
  4. Put his dressage tack out !
  5. Have a lesson, we worked on 20 meter circles at trot, leg yeilds, halts , and a little canter
  6. Full groom
  7. And let him outside
  1. Get Roman out .
  2. Groom
  3. put him dressage tack on !
  4. My trainer rides him !
  5. clean a few stalls
  6. Full groom Roman after his ride !
  7. And let him back outside !
  1. Get Ransom out !
  2. Groom
  3. lunge him
  4. full groom
  5. put him back outside
  1. The Farrier comes
  2. I learn how to pull a shoe !
  3. clean the rest of the stalls, fill hay, fill water buckets
  4. sweep feed room/ scrub buckets
  5. put up fans
  6. practice braiding Hennys main (:
  1. Get Romana out !
  2. Groom her
  3. load up the trailer
  4. put her boots on
  5. put her on the trailer for her dressage lesson !
  1. Full groom Ramana !
  2. put her outside
  1. let horses in !
  2. feed
I have have left to do today in night check (:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 7

Today again I was given a list of things that needed to be done !

  1. Feed all horses .
  2. Let Roman and Ransom outside !
  3. Cleaned out all stalls
  1. Groom Ramana and Hennessy !
  2. Tacked both of them up in there dressage tack .
  3. My trainer and I took them for a ride down the road and we went a little farther this time , they were both great (:
  4. Full groomed them and put them outside !
  1. Got Ramsom out
  2. Groomed him
  3. And lunged him again today .
  1. Got Roman out !
  2. Groomed him .
  3. Put all him tack in the trailer .
  4. put shipping boots on him !
  5. And put him on the trailer for his jumping lesson !
  1. Cleaned all tack !!
  2. Finished pull Hennys main , which he wasnt has happy about today ! but it was very hot so i cant blame him !
  1. Let all the horses in !
  2. Feed them .
  3. We got a BIG fan for the barn today , so we put that together (: it feels great !!
Were going to start a little earlyer tomorrow because it is going to be soooo hot !!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 6

Today I was given a list of things all had to be done ! I had to do things on my own time however iIwanted too !
  1. Feed all four horses!
  2. Put Henny, Roman and Ransome outside.
  3. Clean all stalls !
  1. Get Ramana out !
  2. Groom her.
  3. Tack her for dressage .
  4. Full groom after my trainer rode her !
  5. Put her outside (:
  1. Gett Roman out .
  2. Groom him .
  3. Tack him for dressage !
  4. Full groom after my trainer rides him .
  5. Put him back outside !!!
  1. Got out Ransom !
  2. Groomed him .
  3. Put his lunging stuff on !
  4. I got to lunge him for about 30 min work on moving through his back the right way and stepping under himself !
  5. Full groom him
  6. And turn him back out !
  1. Got out Henny !!!!
  2. groomed him .
  3. Put im dressage tack on (:
  4. Had a much needed dressage lesson , where we worked on lots of 20 meter circles and center to trot to walk without pulling !!
  5. I then gave Henny a full groom .
  6. And turned him back out !!
Then we went to tractors supply and got some things for the barn !

When we got back , I got back out Henny and learned how to pull his main ! Pictures coming soon ! Tomorrow I will finsh pulling him main and learn to plait(braid) his main !!!

  1. Cleaned my tack .
  2. Let in all horses !
  3. Feed the hungry kids (:
Night Check
  1. Clean out all four stall .
  2. Filled water buckets !
  3. Gave everyone hay
  4. And closed up for the night (:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 5

Second Show Day

We got up at the same time !
  • I feed her and got her all ready to show
  • After her first test i showed her off and untacked her and gave her some hay and water
  • Later on  today , she rode her next test then i showered her off then feed her and gave her more water !!
After we got home !
  • We took Henny and Roman for a ride down the street and I was very proud of him he was sooooo gooood and Roman acted up a little and Henny stayed focused and was a very good boy !
  • we then feed all the horses and cleaned out there stalls \
I did night check and now im off to bed !!!

Day 4 ... Saturday the 4th

Show Day

Were at the show by 7:00am :
  • I brushed her and got the spots off of her , then tacked her up to ride
  • My trainer got on , then i cleaned her stall
  • After her first ride i took Ramana back to her stall untacked her and washed her off and gave her hay and water
At around 2:30am :
  • I got her all tacked up again
  • She rode her last test
  • After there last test i showerd her off again then feed her and gave her more hay and water
It was a very hot and long day ! We then had some storms that night that were pretty bad !

Day 3.. Friday the 3rd !

Starting at 8:00 am :
  • I feed all the horses by myself
At 9:00am :
  • I get out Henny and groom him
  • I then have a wonderful jumping lesson on Henny
  • Then i give him a full groom taking about 30 min
  • I then get out Roman and ride him on my own
  • Now i get out Ramana and groom her and put her on the trailer and take her to the show
When we get to the show :
  • I get Ramana off the trailer and everything else off
  • I groom her again , then tack her up to ride 
  • My trainer then has a lesson from her trainer 
  • After there lesson I give Ramana a bath (useing lots of whitting shampoo because she is gray) 
  • Then we feed her and leave to go stay at her friends house 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week One

A picture of Hennessy right before he got to my trainers ! I will be posting weekly pictures to track his progress (: