Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 16

Today I was all on my own all day ! I woke up this morning and fed all the ponies and then cleaned all the stalla and filled water buckets and hay nets . After all that was done I started riding the horses .

First I rode Hennessy and I worked a lot on sending him forward and the trick the J.C worked with us on , then I rode Ramana and Roman and just worked a lot on sending them forward in there gaits !

Then I gave Ramana and Roman a bath because they have a show tomorrow . I then cleaned all the show tack and put it in to the trailer .

Later on S.B had a student come and take a lesson , then i let the horses inside and feed them ! We decided not to take the horses to the show tonight , we will just have a early start tomorrow !

Goodnight (:

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