Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 7

Today again I was given a list of things that needed to be done !

  1. Feed all horses .
  2. Let Roman and Ransom outside !
  3. Cleaned out all stalls
  1. Groom Ramana and Hennessy !
  2. Tacked both of them up in there dressage tack .
  3. My trainer and I took them for a ride down the road and we went a little farther this time , they were both great (:
  4. Full groomed them and put them outside !
  1. Got Ramsom out
  2. Groomed him
  3. And lunged him again today .
  1. Got Roman out !
  2. Groomed him .
  3. Put all him tack in the trailer .
  4. put shipping boots on him !
  5. And put him on the trailer for his jumping lesson !
  1. Cleaned all tack !!
  2. Finished pull Hennys main , which he wasnt has happy about today ! but it was very hot so i cant blame him !
  1. Let all the horses in !
  2. Feed them .
  3. We got a BIG fan for the barn today , so we put that together (: it feels great !!
Were going to start a little earlyer tomorrow because it is going to be soooo hot !!!


Kelly said...

Did you go to Sarah's lesson with her at CAF?
Did you learn how to plait?

Lex said...

yes i did go !

and i learned today (: