Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 47

I thank God every day for my wonderful Hennessy (:

Today was a busy, busy day! I started off this morning with the normal stuff; feeding, turn out, mucking out, filling inside and outside water tubs, and filling haynets. The farrier came today around noon and did Romana and pulled Roman;s shoes because the vet is coming tomorrow to look at him!!  I then loaded up the trailer because SB had her dressage lesson with JC today at 2:15pm!  When the farrier had gone, we loaded up the trailer and were off to JC's place. Her lesson went wonderful and they worked really hard. They also tryed out the bareback pad they will be using when we take the horses swimming Friday (:

When we got back to the barn , I unloaded Romana and brought all the other horses in too. I then put my riding pants on and got Henny out and put only his bridle on and rode him bareback! He was amazing (:  We worked on walk, trot and canter!!  My butt is sore but he was such a good boy and listened and didn't go to fast-we're ready for swimming (:  I then fed all the ponys!!

SB and  I then headed to a barn just done the road from her!  SB was planning on being in the CAF. event camp, but since Roman hurt himself, she was in need of a horse to ride. So she has been talking to a guy about a horses that he is willing to lend her for camp!!  We showed up at the barn and met Commander a huge, close to 17h percheron cross. He was awsome(:  We set up a small jump that he wouldn't really jump unless he was cantering! SB is really excited about using this big guy for camp. After a long day, we came home checked on the horses and went to bed!

Goodnight (:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 46

The day of good and bad news!

At around 8 am SB and I went out to the barn and cold hosed Roman's leg, the swelling still had not gone down any. I then gave all the horses hay, and mucked out Roman's stall while SB wrapped his leg. I fed all the horses and after they were done eating  I turned everyone outside. I then started mucking out stalls, filling haynets, water buckets, cleaned out the tack and feed room, groomed Roman and built a jump course for my lesson later on! I then cold hosed Roman's leg again, then SB and I went out to lunch at Panara Bread, while we were out we picked up some bedding and fly spray at the feed store.

It seems to be that Ransom ( SB's other thoroughbred rescue) is not getting any better , and she can't afford to have horses that can't do their job.  So sometime soon he will we going back to FFI the rescue group he came from. Then some good news came...SB had already entered Roman in the USEA Horse Trials at Penny Oaks next weekend.  Since he is off work, she will not be able to go, which means I will get to go in her spot! I will be competing in the Beginner Novice division!

At around 3:30 pm I brought all the horses in and got Hennessy ready to jump! SB came out to give us our lesson.  He was amazing once he got focused on me instead of the flies!!  We worked on funny lines and staying with me. As long as I stayed back and kept my outside rein strong he jumps like a dream (:  The highest jump in our course was 3 foot !!  After putting Henny away I got Roman out and cold hosed his leg again, and the swelling had gone DOWN!!  Next I re-did Ransom's cribbing collar.  After all the horses were fed I brought in all the bedding from the truck and am now done for the day (:

Videos from last weekend at CAF !

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 43, 44 & 45

The Weekend!

I started the daily routine of mucking out stalls, filling water buckets and haynets at around 8 am. I finished all of that at just before 10:30 am, then I loaded the trailer up for the show that S.B had this weekend.  At about 11:30 am we begain on our 2 and a half hour journey to Dayton ,Ohio for the Gemwood Horse Trails. S.B would be competeing in the open novice division. We were taking Roman , S.B's eventing thoroughbred!

We got to the show grounds around 4:30-5 pm , we quickly found our stalls and unload the stuff we would need for the night including; bedding, water buckets , fan , mucking out tools and hay. We had to get a battery powered fan because there were not many outlets at the show grounds and it was going to be a hot weekend! S.B and I then walked around the very open show ground to find the show office to get her packet. After getting her packet and feeding Roman we headed to the hotel.

When we got the hotel the first thing we did after checking in was we found the swimming pool. After swimming for about 45 mins. we got changed and went back to the show grounds , because it was so hot we wanted to make sure Roman had full water buckets at all times. When we got to the grounds I filled up his haynet and topped off his water buckets. We then went to find something to eat .  We picked a local Chinese restaurant and had some very yummy food , then we went back to the hotel and crashed (:

We woke up and got ready for a long hot day of showing .  We had some quick breakfest at the hotel and we were on are way. When we got to the grounds I got Roman out of his stall and let him eat some grass while S.B's mucked his stall out! After his stall was clean , I started cleaning him up  -  Roman loves to roll and lay in poop and pee /: yay me, but hates to be groomed. Even though he disagreed with what I was doing, I groomed him til he was shining!!  I then got all the dressage tack out of the trailer while S.B's braided his mane.  Her ride time was about 5 mins til 10am.  I tacked him up and had him ready to go at just before 9:30 am , while she started warming him up, I filled his water buckets up!  They had a great dressage test and ended up with a 35 %.
After her test I showered him off and let him rest, because he didn't show jump til 1:00 pm. After watching many of the prelim horses jump, we walked the show jumping course that was on grass at this show.  The first 5 jumps or so had pretty straight lines  but after that they weren't so straight anymore!  We had a riders meeting at about 12 pm where a vet and some other people talked to us about drinking lots of water and how to keep your horses cool!  After that I got all the jumping tack out and tacked him up. S.B then got on and started warming him up. She went in to jump him and it was going well until about the 5 th jump when he slipped after the jump, and it scared him because it was hard to get his footing again because he doesn't have back shoes.  Because he slipped he took a funny line to the next jump which was an up-right then one stride to a oxer - he jumped the up-right but it wasn't pretty, then stopped three times in front of the oxer before crashing into it and going on to the the next one. S.B descded not to jump the last jump and take her self out!

We decided not to stay for Sunday because she was scared that Roman had hurt himself, so we packed up and went home. When we got home, we iced and rapped his legs! I mucked all the other horses stalls out and brought everyone in and fed them.

S.B and I went out to the barn and fed everyone and then checked out Roman's leg.  It was swollen like a balloon /:  We cold water hosed it for about 15 mins and then rapped it and put him in his stall for the day. We then put Ransom and Henny out in the front hay field  - they were very excited to go out in the big pasture.  I then turned Ramana out in the boys old pasture.  I started cleaning all the stalls , filling water buckets and haynets. 

I came inside and started to study for my BHS (british horse society) level 1 exam that I will have to take this week. I took 3 pages of front and back notes - I studied for 3 hours! At about 1 pm the sky became really dark.  S.B and I ran outside and brought in all the horses, it only rained for about 20mins ):  Since it did rain a little it cooled down!  So at around 5 pm I got Henny out and S.B gave me a lesson!  He was not too happy about having to work, since he hadn't been riden since Wednesday!  But he got on with it. I took him outside and we worked on 10 meter circles to 10 meter circles! We would do a 10 meter circle to the center line, then a 10 meter circle the opposite direction back to the rail at a trot and then ask him to do a long and low 20 meter circle. Once he started using his back end and stepping through he was doing really good!! Then I did one 20 meter canter circle to the right asking him to shorten and then lenghen his stride and then back to trot... it was wonderful. Then we did it to the left and it was perfect once again . His canter has come so far!  We then ended with a long walk! After untacking him I gave him a bath and and treated all his bites ( which are getting better ).

I then fed all the horses, mucked out stalls again then put everyone to bed for the night!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 42

I got down to the barn around 8 am, S.B. and I rode as soon as we got the horses ready, trying to beat the horrible heat! I rode Henny, she rode Roman. Henny and I worked on transitions from walk to trot and back to walk . We also worked on walking and trotting long and low! After I got him untacked, I put both the boys outside and fed them outside, while S.B. rode Romana!

Then I cleaned stalls, filled outside waters, filled water buckets and hay nets! I then gave Ransom a bath!

I brought all the horses in by 6:30 pm and fed them! Just got done with night check and I have tomorrow and thursday off (:

jumps from South Farms , Ohio !!

Show (: Beginner Novic Test B , Jumps set at 2'7

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 41

Day went  little different then normal !

I went out to the barn this morning , and put Henny , Roman , and Romana outside , then gave them their food outside .  Then I got Ransom out of his stall and put his shipping boots on and  we took him to the vet !  He has been off in his back left leg for awhile now and they are still trying to figure out what's going on.  When me and S.B got to the vets ,  I unloaded him off the trailer,  then we took him in the round pen while the vet watched him move .  We got him inside and they decided to nerve block his leg, starting at the bottom of the leg and moving up as there was no improvement in his movement . Then they injected his back to take the soreness out of his back .  We will lunge him in two weeks to see how he's doing.

When we got back , after being at the vets for 4 hours ,  I fed Ransom , cleaned all the stalls , filled water buckets, filled hay nets, filled water in pastures , re-padded Ransom's cribbing collar and put fresh water out for the chickens .

After it had cooled down outside , S.B and I got out Henny and Romana and rode them outside !  Henny started off a little annoyed I think because of how hot it was today , but we got through what we needed to work on .  We worked on collecting and extending the trot both ways , then collecting and extending the canter !  The last thing we did is simple canter changes  -  they were wonderful , never been better (:  In the end he showed his true colors and was a goood boy (:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 38-40 , July 15th-17th !!

Show Weekend

This weekend I had a combined training schooling show at C.A.F.
Friday, I fed horses then let them out. Then I cleaned stalls, filled water buckets, and hay nets. I then started to get all my stuff cleaned and ready for the show. After all that was done, I brought Henny in and gave him a bath. By then my parents had got there and we loaded up and left !
When we got to the show we unloaded everything  and I got on a rode around.  I rode him for about 25 min, just working on getting him moving forward.  I then put him up and fed him once he had cooled down.

Saturday , we got to the show around 8am and I fed Henny and got all my tack out.  I got on him around 10:10 am - my show time was 10:56 am .  I got him warmed up and moving very forward ! I went in for my test he was really good , a little tight still on a few things, but he was FORWARD (:  We got a 36.1 or a 63%. (:  Then I untacked him and put his jumping tack on, got him warmed up over just a couple fences.  We then went in and showed - Henny was wonderful and had a clear round!  After cooling off for awhile and eating some lunch, I got back on for the hunter pace ! He was really good, but a little too fast (:
We got 2nd in our combined class (:  and 5th for the hunter pace!!  He was such a good boy. I'm so proud of how well he is doing (:

Today, S.B and her husband got home! I fed the horses and let them out. Then cleaned stalls , filled water buckets , hay nets , and outside waters. Then S.B , her husband and I loaded 140+ bales on to a trailer from the field , then unloaded them in the barn and then stacked all of them!!  Now very tired and hot !!  We will be going out to dinner tonight, so that will be nice (: 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 37 , July 14th

I got up and fed all the horses then let them out . I then cleaned all the stalls, filled water and hay nets . I then rode  Roman and Romana , just working on basic walk, trot and canter .

Later that day , C.H gave me a jumping lesson on Henny ! We set up a grid of 5 jumps . We worked on getting his back end moving through the grid !

That evening I let all the horses in a fed them !

These pictures are from when my mom came :

Roman !

Hennessy !

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 36

The day started off like every other day !! I got up and fed the horses and let them out when they were done ! I then cleaned all stalls, filled waters inside and outside , and filled hay nets !

Around the time I was getting done , my mom showed up to ride with me! We got Henny and Roman out and groomed them, then tacked them up to ride ! We took them outside and got on! We took them to the back and walked around twice then took them up and down the driveway once!! They both were wonderful and enjoyed their relaxing walk!! We then untacked them and put them out in the pasture! My mom and I then went inside and cleaned up , then went out to lunch!

Later that day, after my mom was long gone , I let in all the horses and fed them !!

Some good NEWS :) Henny seems to be putting on some weight !!! Pictures coming soon !!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 35

Today started off slow !

I fed all the horses and let them out . Then I cleaned stalls , filled water buckets and hay nets ! Then I went in for awhile because it was too hot to ride !

I brought the horses in around 4:30pm and fed everyone . An hour later I got Henny out and rode him ! We worked through a few of our sticky parts on our test , he was a really good boy (: I then rode Roman using him once again , as a way to learn my test , he's a good sport !! Then I worked Romana !! All the horses were very good , I made sure everyone had water and left them for the night !!

Tomorrow my mom is coming to spend some time with me !! I'm very excited !!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 34

Very HOT Day !!

This morning started off by me feeding all the horses and letting them out . Then C.H helped me do all the mucking out and filling waters and hay nets . Then I got Henny out and rode him and worked on the flat. We worked on shortening and lengthening his stride in trot and canter . Then I did a little work on my test , but just the part where we do half circle in canter then down the long side . He was a really good boy so I didn't work him long .

We then took the rest of the day off because of the heat and let them in as it cooled off a little and fed everyone ! Hopefully tomorrow won't be as hot !!

Goodnight !!

Day 33 , July 10th

Today was a little bit of an easy day for the horses because of the heat ! I fed all the horses in the morning and let everyone out ! Then mucked all the stalls out , filled water in stalls, filled water outside , and filled hay nets !

I then brought each horse in, one at a time, and lunged them just to get them moving long and low ! I then cleaned lots of tack and cleaned up the barn !

Later that evening, I let everyone in and fed them , turned their fans on and left them for the night (:

This week will be a little different then normal because S.B ( my trainer ) will be gone , so her friend C.H will be here house sitting and helping me out in the barn !

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 32

This morning , I fed all the horses and after they were done I let everyone out. Then I cleaned all stalls , cleaned then filled water buckets and filled hay nets. After I was done cleaning up, I got Romana out and lunged her !

I then got Henny out  of the pasture and tacked him up for a dressage lesson.  S.B met us outside and we worked on my test , because I have a show next weekend.  He did really well  - now it's just up to me to remember it (;

Later today , I got out Roman and rode him and used him to practice my test again (: 

At around 6:30pm, I brought all the horses in and fed them.  Henny is now up to 2 cups of the senior glow  -  hopefully he starts putting on some weight !!

Day 31 , July 6th

Today started just like every day -  I fed the horses and let them out. Then mucked stalls, filled water buckets , filled hay nets and swept everything ! I then got out Henny and tacked him up for dressage. S.B gave us a dressage lesson outside. We warmed up , then got to work on teaching Hennessy that he can carry himself.  I would collect him up at the trot, then give to him by the inside rein , with the point being he was to stay in the frame. We also did this at the canter and although he found it hard , he did great. We only worked for a half hour because I am going to ride him again this evening !

After I put Henny up , I got Romana out to get her ready for her lesson with J.C !  I put her on the trailer and we left ! When we got to J.C.'s, I helped S.B tack her up for her lesson ! They are working on some upper level moves and their lesson went well. After the lesson, I got to watch the Vet treat an abscess in one of the ponies eyes at J.C.'s farm .

When we got back home , after putting Romana away, I got out Ransom and lunged him.  Then I got Roman out and lunged him ! After I was done with the two boys , I got Henny back out for another lesson ! We worked on the same thing , although he didn't like the idea of working again...but he got over it (:  After that I brought everyone else in and fed everyone !!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 30

Today I got out to the barn around 8am and fed the horses ! After all the horses had ate, I let them outside and cleaned stalls.  I then filled water buckets in stalls , filled hay nets , cleaned up the hay room , cleaned up the feed room , cleaned the outside water tubs and re-filled them !! Then S.B and I headed out and to get feed, bedding and dog food !! When we got back, my mom was here  - she brought Henny's feed and took a lesson on Romana !

After my mom left , I un-loaded the feed and put the feed in the tubs, emptied the trash cans and cleaned all the tack that we used yesterday at Traders Point !!

Today was an easy day.  I will let horses in soon and feed them (:

Day 29

Today we woke up early, fed the horses and put Henny and Roman on the trailer to go on the Traders Point hunt ride. We got there about 9 am got tacked up and got on. We went out on the trail - we were out there for about an hour and a half. On the trail, we had to gallop almost the whole time to stay up with the group and jump many , many , many XC jumps ! When we were standing waiting for the group to catch up at one point , Roman was getting mad and bucked and kicked Henny and me - we're both okay.  Henny just has a bump on his neck !! When the ride was over, we un-tacked and went home !! 
I am the 4th horse , kinda in the middle.  And to the left of the picture is a loose horse !!

When we got home , I gave both the horses a bath and treated Henny's bump. Then I cleaned all the stalls and cleaned up the barn.  Around 4:30pm I let all the horses in and fed them !!
Later on, we all went to the Indians baseball game and watched fireworks !! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 26, 27 & 28 July 1st-3rd

South Farms , Ohio Eventing Show !!

S.B and I left for Ohio around 12:30pm on Friday the 1st ! We took Roman and S.B was showing him . We had a 7 hour car ride to South Farm and once we got there we got unpacked and made sure Roman was okay , then we went and had a look around the farm ! After that we left to go find our hotel !!

Then next morning , Saturday the 2nd , we got to the farm around 9 ! I fed Roman and after he ate I gave him a bath ! After about noon , I started tacking him up and getting him ready for his dressage ! Then S.B got on him and we went over to the warm up ! There were many horse and buggys going up and down the road which scared Roman a little .  He went in to the dressage ring and didn't have his best test, but still got a 33.5 ! After that I untacked him and got him ready for cross country.  He had a clear round for XC and after he had cooled down, I fed him and we left for the night !

The last day of the show , all we had left was stadium jumping ! We had a lot of sitting around time because she didn't jump til 2 something ! I gave him a bath , fed him , groomed him and finally tacked him up to jump !! They went out to jump and had a great jumping round , all clear !! After that, at around 4 we headed for home - another 7 hour drive !! We got home around 10:30 pm and tucked everyone in for the night !!

A great but long, busy and hot weekend (: