Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 12

My day started at 7:30 , i went down to the barn and feed. After they were all done eating , I got Ransom out and put his shipping boots on because he went to the vet today , to get x-rays to see why he is not using his back the right way . I didn't go to the vet with Ransom i stayed at the barn and cleaned stalls , filled hay nets and clean and filled water buckets .

After the barn was cleaned up I got Roman out and put his dressage tack on and rode him for about 30 min . I worked on lots of bending in the trot and transitions from trot to halt back to trot ! Then we worked on a little bit of canter transitions.

When SB got back with Ransom , I got Hennessy out and put all his jumping tack on ! We went out side and had a jumping lesson (: we worked on riding a straight line to the jumping and making sure that after the jump he was not pulling on me ! Which he is really improving on !! we were jumping mainly 2'6 and one 3 foot jump . We took a long walk after a great lesson (:

Later in the day , I put Cribox on all the fences outside , so that Roman and Ransom will stop cribbing . Then I got out Ramana for SB to ride and while she was riding I through hay down, filled outside water tubs, re-stocked grain room and cleaned up the tack room !

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