Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 3.. Friday the 3rd !

Starting at 8:00 am :
  • I feed all the horses by myself
At 9:00am :
  • I get out Henny and groom him
  • I then have a wonderful jumping lesson on Henny
  • Then i give him a full groom taking about 30 min
  • I then get out Roman and ride him on my own
  • Now i get out Ramana and groom her and put her on the trailer and take her to the show
When we get to the show :
  • I get Ramana off the trailer and everything else off
  • I groom her again , then tack her up to ride 
  • My trainer then has a lesson from her trainer 
  • After there lesson I give Ramana a bath (useing lots of whitting shampoo because she is gray) 
  • Then we feed her and leave to go stay at her friends house 

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