Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 10


We got to Centerline early this morning ! And i got on to warm up for dressage around 9:15 . The warm up was not good at all because the ground was all muddy for the rain we got the night before , but we did are best to warm up !
When we went in the show ring Henny was very forward and listening well ! we rode a very good test (: when ended up with a 62% !!!! YAY Henny !!!
Next we went out and walked the show jumping course and the cross-country !!
Then after waiting ...
waiting ....
waiting ...
and more waiting... which i hate !!!!

We finally got on again at 1:30 to warm up jumps !
Are warm up went great Henny was in my hands and moving great off my legs (:

The show jumping course was horrible the ground was high grass with lots of holes but we made it though it with one runout and one rail down !! everyone was having lots of prombles with the course!

But we put that behind us and went out for cross country and had a wonderful time (: we kinda got lost but we found are way lol !!! and we had to go through a deeeeep water jump which he didnt want to but i made him atleast walk throught it!!!! We came galloping two the last two jump ! words from mom " the smile you had coming over that last fence was priceless (: It was the most fun i have ever had !!!!

Great show (: I love my Henny !!!  Pictures coming soon !!!


Kelly said...

This from the girl who once said "Im never going to jump!" :)
You and Henny were awesome!

Lex said...

I dont know what your talking about (; lol