Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 18

YUCK .. is the word of the day !

When I woke up today it was pouring down rain and thunder and lightening like crazy.  I went down stairs and S.B said we were not going out to the horses til the rain slows down.

Around 10am we went to the barn , and it was a mess and flooded ! We put Roman in the indoor cause his stall was the worst , we filled up two muck tubs and couldn't go dump them cause of the lightening so we feed them all and went back in the house !

Around 12 pm the rain let up a little and there was no more lightening so we went back out to the barn and threw them all out! I mucked out all the stalls while S.B went to go get more bedding . After i was done I helped unload the bedding , re bed all stalls . Then I threw down some hay !!

About 5pm I let everyone in and got Henny out for a dressage lesson ! For our warm up we did free walk to medium walk transitions (which are improving ) I no longer get trot just by picking my reins up (: Then we worked on a lot of medium walk to trot without throwing his head in the air. It's taking time but we're getting there . Next we did 10 meter circles at each A,C,E,and B ! Then the last thing we did is 20m cantering at A,C,E,and B and bring his down to a trot after the 20 m circle and picking the canter back up at the next letter ! It's harder for him to do it the right way going to the left because he is really having to use his right hind leg which is his weaker one , but after i really got after him it improved so we quit there !!! I'm soo proud of how far he has come , and when I think about that, our ride goes a lot better (:

After our lesson , I showered him off and fed everyone , brought all the tack in from the show and went inside (:

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SprinklerBandit said...

Exciting storm.

PS Your font is killing my eyes.