Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 26, 27 & 28 July 1st-3rd

South Farms , Ohio Eventing Show !!

S.B and I left for Ohio around 12:30pm on Friday the 1st ! We took Roman and S.B was showing him . We had a 7 hour car ride to South Farm and once we got there we got unpacked and made sure Roman was okay , then we went and had a look around the farm ! After that we left to go find our hotel !!

Then next morning , Saturday the 2nd , we got to the farm around 9 ! I fed Roman and after he ate I gave him a bath ! After about noon , I started tacking him up and getting him ready for his dressage ! Then S.B got on him and we went over to the warm up ! There were many horse and buggys going up and down the road which scared Roman a little .  He went in to the dressage ring and didn't have his best test, but still got a 33.5 ! After that I untacked him and got him ready for cross country.  He had a clear round for XC and after he had cooled down, I fed him and we left for the night !

The last day of the show , all we had left was stadium jumping ! We had a lot of sitting around time because she didn't jump til 2 something ! I gave him a bath , fed him , groomed him and finally tacked him up to jump !! They went out to jump and had a great jumping round , all clear !! After that, at around 4 we headed for home - another 7 hour drive !! We got home around 10:30 pm and tucked everyone in for the night !!

A great but long, busy and hot weekend (:

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