Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 23

Trail Riding Day (:

Today we went trail riding in Brown County !! We left this morning at 7:30 am , another early morning ): We picked up another horse & rider on our way , we got there around 9:00am ! We waited around for some other people that we were meeting up with, then set out on the trail for Story Inn . This was Henny's first time ever on any trail ride ! He did wonderful , the trails were really muddy and some were a little tricky , and we had to jump some logs !! We got to Story Inn after about a two hour ride !! We tied up the horses and went in to eat ! When we got done eating , the horses were still standing quiet when we got done (:
We headed back on the trail and took it a little bit easier on the way back, going through many creeks and lots of mud ! All horses did so good and everyone had sooo much fun ! When we got done I un-tacked Henny and walked him to a creek to have a drink of water and he drank a lot of water , like a good boy (: We then loaded up and went home to muck out stalls and tuck everyone in for the night !! Henny will have the day off tomorrow (: He was been sooo good this weekend !!!
Waiting (:

S.B and me at the Story Inn


Kelly said...

Wow - Henny looks like he has been on the trails all his life!

So when he gets back home, he needs to be the big brother and convince little sis that trail riding is fun :)

Very happy that all went well and you had fun!

Lex said...

Yes he does lol !! We had a great time !!