Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 22, June 25th 2011

Show Day
HHP In Edinburgh , IN
IDS Schooling Show !!

My day started around 7:30 am when we got to the HHP to feed Henny ! My ride time was not til about 10:50 am , so I had lots of time to chill . I got Henny out to lounge about 9:30 am , he was a super good boy , was perfect on the lounge ! I got on to warm up around 10:20 am . Henny was really relaxed and good in the warm-up ! We went in for our test , we rode Training Level Test 1 and he was really good , could have been a little more forward but over all, really good boy ! We got a 60.14... % and took 1st place out of about 7 riders (:

We had lots of time in between my two tests because I didn't show again til 5:04 pm !!!

I got on about 4:30 pm ! Got him in the warm up and made sure he was moving super forward and listening really well ! We then went into the ring and showed Intro C and he was wonderful , very forward and listening well ! We got a 67.1.. % THAT IS OUR BEST SCORE EVER (: and also won that class !!!!

I was very happy with how well he did (: 

Thank you mom, dad and S.B for everything you do for me (:


Kelly said...

You are welcome!!! It was fun - you and Henny rocked :)

So happy to see all your hard work pay blue ribbons!

Great job!

Lex said...

Thank you (: