Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 9 !

  1. I got up early this morning and feed all the horses and turned them out , then around 9:00am I got Ramana out and put her dressage tack on and SB( my trainer) rode her . While SB rode Ramana I got out Roman and tacked him up for dressage also. When SB was done with Ramana I gave her Roman and she rode Roman !
  2. After both of them were back outside , I cleaned all the stalls, filled water buckets and hay net . Then I went out to the out door school and set my own 5 jump course. I stated with one vertical then went to a barrel jump then across the diagonal over another barrel jump and over two verticals the were one stride apart !
  3. I got Henny out and put his jumping tack on and SB came out to give me a jumping lesson ! We started with just a cross rail for warm up, then moved on to doing a vertical then the barrel jump then the whole course . The jumps were set atleast at 2'6 maybe even a little higher then that ! Henny did very well , i love this horse to death because sometime we would have to take the jumps a weird angles and as long as i sit back he will go over anything . The point of this course was to work on tigh turn and Henny even did some flying changes (without freaking out) which is a big deal for him (:
  4. I found out after my lesson that i will get to take a dressage lesson next week with JC( SB's trainer ) which I am every excited about , and i may even get to ride some of her "fancey" horses sometime this summer (:
  5. After we took a break for lunch , I got Henny out again and we work on rapping his legs the correct way and i got to pratices using different kinds of raps ! Then I worked on braidding again today and have already improved from yesterday ! 

Picture shows haft braided and haft just pulled (:

Tomorrow we will leave for the eventing show at centerline that will be saturday (: We are very excited !!

P.S. Is this better dad ? (:


Amy said...

LOL at your last question. I may not be Dad but I must say this is a great update!

Anonymous said...

This is Dad and yes this is a great update!

Lex said...

Thank you both !