Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 47

I thank God every day for my wonderful Hennessy (:

Today was a busy, busy day! I started off this morning with the normal stuff; feeding, turn out, mucking out, filling inside and outside water tubs, and filling haynets. The farrier came today around noon and did Romana and pulled Roman;s shoes because the vet is coming tomorrow to look at him!!  I then loaded up the trailer because SB had her dressage lesson with JC today at 2:15pm!  When the farrier had gone, we loaded up the trailer and were off to JC's place. Her lesson went wonderful and they worked really hard. They also tryed out the bareback pad they will be using when we take the horses swimming Friday (:

When we got back to the barn , I unloaded Romana and brought all the other horses in too. I then put my riding pants on and got Henny out and put only his bridle on and rode him bareback! He was amazing (:  We worked on walk, trot and canter!!  My butt is sore but he was such a good boy and listened and didn't go to fast-we're ready for swimming (:  I then fed all the ponys!!

SB and  I then headed to a barn just done the road from her!  SB was planning on being in the CAF. event camp, but since Roman hurt himself, she was in need of a horse to ride. So she has been talking to a guy about a horses that he is willing to lend her for camp!!  We showed up at the barn and met Commander a huge, close to 17h percheron cross. He was awsome(:  We set up a small jump that he wouldn't really jump unless he was cantering! SB is really excited about using this big guy for camp. After a long day, we came home checked on the horses and went to bed!

Goodnight (:

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Kelly said...

Hope all works out for Sarah to be able to attend event camp - would hate for her to miss it!