Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 38-40 , July 15th-17th !!

Show Weekend

This weekend I had a combined training schooling show at C.A.F.
Friday, I fed horses then let them out. Then I cleaned stalls, filled water buckets, and hay nets. I then started to get all my stuff cleaned and ready for the show. After all that was done, I brought Henny in and gave him a bath. By then my parents had got there and we loaded up and left !
When we got to the show we unloaded everything  and I got on a rode around.  I rode him for about 25 min, just working on getting him moving forward.  I then put him up and fed him once he had cooled down.

Saturday , we got to the show around 8am and I fed Henny and got all my tack out.  I got on him around 10:10 am - my show time was 10:56 am .  I got him warmed up and moving very forward ! I went in for my test he was really good , a little tight still on a few things, but he was FORWARD (:  We got a 36.1 or a 63%. (:  Then I untacked him and put his jumping tack on, got him warmed up over just a couple fences.  We then went in and showed - Henny was wonderful and had a clear round!  After cooling off for awhile and eating some lunch, I got back on for the hunter pace ! He was really good, but a little too fast (:
We got 2nd in our combined class (:  and 5th for the hunter pace!!  He was such a good boy. I'm so proud of how well he is doing (:

Today, S.B and her husband got home! I fed the horses and let them out. Then cleaned stalls , filled water buckets , hay nets , and outside waters. Then S.B , her husband and I loaded 140+ bales on to a trailer from the field , then unloaded them in the barn and then stacked all of them!!  Now very tired and hot !!  We will be going out to dinner tonight, so that will be nice (: 


Kelly said...

You and Henny were awesome at the show yesterday! So proud of you and how great you are doing :)

Will let you know when Dad has pics and videos in Picassa.

Lex said...

okay , thank you !