Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 36

The day started off like every other day !! I got up and fed the horses and let them out when they were done ! I then cleaned all stalls, filled waters inside and outside , and filled hay nets !

Around the time I was getting done , my mom showed up to ride with me! We got Henny and Roman out and groomed them, then tacked them up to ride ! We took them outside and got on! We took them to the back and walked around twice then took them up and down the driveway once!! They both were wonderful and enjoyed their relaxing walk!! We then untacked them and put them out in the pasture! My mom and I then went inside and cleaned up , then went out to lunch!

Later that day, after my mom was long gone , I let in all the horses and fed them !!

Some good NEWS :) Henny seems to be putting on some weight !!! Pictures coming soon !!

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