Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 29

Today we woke up early, fed the horses and put Henny and Roman on the trailer to go on the Traders Point hunt ride. We got there about 9 am got tacked up and got on. We went out on the trail - we were out there for about an hour and a half. On the trail, we had to gallop almost the whole time to stay up with the group and jump many , many , many XC jumps ! When we were standing waiting for the group to catch up at one point , Roman was getting mad and bucked and kicked Henny and me - we're both okay.  Henny just has a bump on his neck !! When the ride was over, we un-tacked and went home !! 
I am the 4th horse , kinda in the middle.  And to the left of the picture is a loose horse !!

When we got home , I gave both the horses a bath and treated Henny's bump. Then I cleaned all the stalls and cleaned up the barn.  Around 4:30pm I let all the horses in and fed them !!
Later on, we all went to the Indians baseball game and watched fireworks !! 

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Kelly said...

Glad you got to experience a fox hunt ride, minus the fox & hounds! Sounds like you had a great time and Hennessy loved it :)