Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 48-50 , July 29th-31

You can't fit a horse into a mold !!   The weekend !!

Friday !
We had to wake up super early to take the horses swimming today. We mucked out stalls and let the horses out then loaded Henny and Romana up! We got to Wild Feather Farms at about 7:30 am and unloaded the horses and waited for the rest of the group to get there. Henny freaked out when getting out of the trailer and bumped his head - but he's okay(: When everyone else got there the lady the ran the place went through some natural horsemanship stuff that we would be able to use when we got in the water. When the trainer worked with Henny and she was waving her hands in his face to get him to back up, I just had to laugh...maybe the horse before him listened to that, but not my boy(:  She gave up on him.. ooopps! When we got in the water we walked them in and slowly got them used to the water, Henny was doing so well with this part! The next step was to move to the deep end and when they started swimming you were to jump on your horse! The first time Henny did it fine and it scared him a little and the next time he took off pulling me through the water(:  So the trainer lady thought she was going to show me how it's done and as soon as I gave her the rope, he took off (he didn't like her)!!  It was alot of fun, and I had a great time.
There he is (:

Saturday !
Woke up early once again because we had to go pick up a horse the S.B is going to use for event camp! We got up and mucked out, and let all the horses out. We then got in the truck and left - it took about an hour to get to the barn. When we got there, we found 'Benito' - he is a big chestnut Hanoverian, super sweet boy! I walked him out of the barn and he loaded on the trailer like a superstar. When we got him home, we set up his stall and he just acted like he was at home.

Later in the day we rode all the horses. I got Henny out to ride him and he was very very very sore in him back end so I put him away and gave him Bute. I think it was just from all the swimming as my arms were super sore!  S.B rode Benito and he is a wonderful boy, great mover.

Sunday !
Another early morning /:  We mucked out stalls and let all the horses out. Then we drove two hours to a horse Keuring, for Belgium Warmbloods. It was really cool to see some very nice horses.  After we got home, we brought all the horses in and fed them.  We then went to dinner and when we got home we rode the horses. I got Henny out just to get on him and walk and just take it easy! When I got on him, he was moving great - walking out and swinging!!  So I played with a little trot and I have my horse back (: I feel a lot better now!!!


Kelly said...

Love the swimming picture! So glad you got to come to the Keuring yesterday :)

Lex said...

Me too , i really enjoyed that !!