Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 30

Today I got out to the barn around 8am and fed the horses ! After all the horses had ate, I let them outside and cleaned stalls.  I then filled water buckets in stalls , filled hay nets , cleaned up the hay room , cleaned up the feed room , cleaned the outside water tubs and re-filled them !! Then S.B and I headed out and to get feed, bedding and dog food !! When we got back, my mom was here  - she brought Henny's feed and took a lesson on Romana !

After my mom left , I un-loaded the feed and put the feed in the tubs, emptied the trash cans and cleaned all the tack that we used yesterday at Traders Point !!

Today was an easy day.  I will let horses in soon and feed them (:


Kelly said...

Thank you for manning the longe line during my lesson and for the help,.,,and for not yelling at me :) It was so much fun!

Lex said...

me yell lol !! Im glad you had fun !! Thank you for bring Henny's grain !!