Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 41

Day went  little different then normal !

I went out to the barn this morning , and put Henny , Roman , and Romana outside , then gave them their food outside .  Then I got Ransom out of his stall and put his shipping boots on and  we took him to the vet !  He has been off in his back left leg for awhile now and they are still trying to figure out what's going on.  When me and S.B got to the vets ,  I unloaded him off the trailer,  then we took him in the round pen while the vet watched him move .  We got him inside and they decided to nerve block his leg, starting at the bottom of the leg and moving up as there was no improvement in his movement . Then they injected his back to take the soreness out of his back .  We will lunge him in two weeks to see how he's doing.

When we got back , after being at the vets for 4 hours ,  I fed Ransom , cleaned all the stalls , filled water buckets, filled hay nets, filled water in pastures , re-padded Ransom's cribbing collar and put fresh water out for the chickens .

After it had cooled down outside , S.B and I got out Henny and Romana and rode them outside !  Henny started off a little annoyed I think because of how hot it was today , but we got through what we needed to work on .  We worked on collecting and extending the trot both ways , then collecting and extending the canter !  The last thing we did is simple canter changes  -  they were wonderful , never been better (:  In the end he showed his true colors and was a goood boy (:

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