Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 46

The day of good and bad news!

At around 8 am SB and I went out to the barn and cold hosed Roman's leg, the swelling still had not gone down any. I then gave all the horses hay, and mucked out Roman's stall while SB wrapped his leg. I fed all the horses and after they were done eating  I turned everyone outside. I then started mucking out stalls, filling haynets, water buckets, cleaned out the tack and feed room, groomed Roman and built a jump course for my lesson later on! I then cold hosed Roman's leg again, then SB and I went out to lunch at Panara Bread, while we were out we picked up some bedding and fly spray at the feed store.

It seems to be that Ransom ( SB's other thoroughbred rescue) is not getting any better , and she can't afford to have horses that can't do their job.  So sometime soon he will we going back to FFI the rescue group he came from. Then some good news came...SB had already entered Roman in the USEA Horse Trials at Penny Oaks next weekend.  Since he is off work, she will not be able to go, which means I will get to go in her spot! I will be competing in the Beginner Novice division!

At around 3:30 pm I brought all the horses in and got Hennessy ready to jump! SB came out to give us our lesson.  He was amazing once he got focused on me instead of the flies!!  We worked on funny lines and staying with me. As long as I stayed back and kept my outside rein strong he jumps like a dream (:  The highest jump in our course was 3 foot !!  After putting Henny away I got Roman out and cold hosed his leg again, and the swelling had gone DOWN!!  Next I re-did Ransom's cribbing collar.  After all the horses were fed I brought in all the bedding from the truck and am now done for the day (:

Videos from last weekend at CAF !

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