Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 31 , July 6th

Today started just like every day -  I fed the horses and let them out. Then mucked stalls, filled water buckets , filled hay nets and swept everything ! I then got out Henny and tacked him up for dressage. S.B gave us a dressage lesson outside. We warmed up , then got to work on teaching Hennessy that he can carry himself.  I would collect him up at the trot, then give to him by the inside rein , with the point being he was to stay in the frame. We also did this at the canter and although he found it hard , he did great. We only worked for a half hour because I am going to ride him again this evening !

After I put Henny up , I got Romana out to get her ready for her lesson with J.C !  I put her on the trailer and we left ! When we got to J.C.'s, I helped S.B tack her up for her lesson ! They are working on some upper level moves and their lesson went well. After the lesson, I got to watch the Vet treat an abscess in one of the ponies eyes at J.C.'s farm .

When we got back home , after putting Romana away, I got out Ransom and lunged him.  Then I got Roman out and lunged him ! After I was done with the two boys , I got Henny back out for another lesson ! We worked on the same thing , although he didn't like the idea of working again...but he got over it (:  After that I brought everyone else in and fed everyone !!

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