Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 32

This morning , I fed all the horses and after they were done I let everyone out. Then I cleaned all stalls , cleaned then filled water buckets and filled hay nets. After I was done cleaning up, I got Romana out and lunged her !

I then got Henny out  of the pasture and tacked him up for a dressage lesson.  S.B met us outside and we worked on my test , because I have a show next weekend.  He did really well  - now it's just up to me to remember it (;

Later today , I got out Roman and rode him and used him to practice my test again (: 

At around 6:30pm, I brought all the horses in and fed them.  Henny is now up to 2 cups of the senior glow  -  hopefully he starts putting on some weight !!

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