Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 35

Today started off slow !

I fed all the horses and let them out . Then I cleaned stalls , filled water buckets and hay nets ! Then I went in for awhile because it was too hot to ride !

I brought the horses in around 4:30pm and fed everyone . An hour later I got Henny out and rode him ! We worked through a few of our sticky parts on our test , he was a really good boy (: I then rode Roman using him once again , as a way to learn my test , he's a good sport !! Then I worked Romana !! All the horses were very good , I made sure everyone had water and left them for the night !!

Tomorrow my mom is coming to spend some time with me !! I'm very excited !!


Kelly said...

It was so much fun to go riding with you today! I loved getting to ride a relaxed horse around outside :) I will post the pics I took later tonight on my blog.

Lex said...

it was soo much fun !! (: The highlight of my day (: