Friday, October 14, 2011

A Peaceful Happy Ending

October 6, 2011 was the day that my lovely Hennessy was put to rest.

The day before, was the day that I was to say goodbye. My parents did not want me to be there the day they put him down because of the terrible things that could happen.

I had the best last memories with my Henny that I could ever ask for. I let him just chill and eat as much grass as he wanted. Then I gave him his last bath and then let him enjoy more grass for about an hour. Then I brought him inside and my dad pulled his shoes because I wanted to keep them. I then put him back in his stall and cryed as I hugged and kissed him goodbye. Just as I was about to walk out of his stall for the last time I pulled myself together and smiled for him as I told him I loved him. I wanted his last memory of me to be smiling. As I walked out of the barn to leave it hit me like a bag rocks.  I broke down and cried all the way home.

The next, My dad went out to the barn to be there with Henny. I was at home and my mom was at work. The vet came around 11am to put Hennessy down. She told my dad we are doing the right thing and that his leg is worse then it was a month ago. She explained to my dad all the things that could happen when she gives him the shot. When Dr. B gave Henny the shot he just layed down never tried to get up. It took about 15min until his heart stopped beating. My good ol' boy knew it was time and knew how much pain he was in.

It been a hard week without him.  The day after he was put down, I went out to see where he was buried. It's hard everytime I walk in the barn to see that Henny is not there to greet me. I know he is in a better place where he is eating the best grass in the world.

Thank you soo much to everyone for their support and prayers. I have the best friends, family and horse family a 17 year old girl could ask for !

I love you and miss you Henny! And so does everyone that has been in your life!
Rest in Peace little man !!

Henny says," I dont want a kiss mom"

Henny and His bubby Cheers (:


Kelly said...

I trusted that guy with my little girl's life - he was one in a million. Much love, Mom

Lex said...

(: its funny how just a couple words can make you cry ! I love you mom (:

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

These experience are the lessons try to teach us. I believe that they come into our lives for a reason, to teach certain lessons to us and the most important lesson of all, when to let them slip away back home again.

There is a lovely quote, I can't remember who said it or what exactly it said, but it went like this:

"To euthanise a pet is to take his pain away and make it your own."

You were part of an amazing team and you will always remember him.

I wish you a speedy grieving period and look forward to hearing about your new horsey adventures in the future!!


Lisa said...

Also, I have left an award for you on my blog. :)