Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 52 & 53


Today was a pretty slow day! I stayed around the farm today while S.B was off at event camp. I cleaned stalls, let horses out, filled water and haynets! I then waited around for the farrier. While I was waiting, I cleaned some moldy tack. By then the farrier showed up and Henny, Ransom and Roman got their feet done!

Later that evening I got Henny out and rode him. We worked on a few things that I learned at event camp! We would canter a half circle then stop rein back and move straight sidways (full pass, or side pass) across the ring and then canter off again -  we kept doing that until he was bored with it and doing it was no trouble. Then we went through our dressage test for the weekend.


I got down to the barn this morning and hurried up and got all the barn things done so that we could leave for event camp. When we got to camp, I unloaded Benito and got him tacked up for his cross-country lesson! We was such a good boy and just going with everything.

After that we had some lunch and then tacked him up for jumping again,. They had a course set up that they went and jumped around and then were told how they did. He was wonderful! (: I really like this horse !!

When we got home, I let all the horses in. I then lunged Henny and worked on long and low stuff with him. I then fed everyone. We are now going to a cookout at camp (: Goodnight !!!

One more day of camp !!

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