Monday, September 12, 2011

The very hard but honest truth..

 Henny has been lame for about 6 weeks now, and he went to the vet yesterday, he has torn his left hind medical meniscus about 80% of the way, his lateral meniscus is inflamed, and has torn the cruciate about 75% of the way .. and he still acting like a happy boy =/ enough to break your heart.

The only thing that could be done from him is stem cell treatment, which would mean a lot of stall rest, followed by small pasture turn-out. With this treatment he will never be able to do his job ever again (jump) and there is only about a 20% chance he will ever be sound again.

He's my bestfriend, He's taught me how to be strong, He loves me with everything thing he's got, He will carry me over any jump i point him at! And yet right now i can't really do anything for him but love him! The hardest thing i have to do is speak for him, and all i can seem to do is talk circles!

Thank you to all my friends and family that are helping me through this i couldnt do it without you guys. Sometime next month, we will have to have Henny euthanized. Until then, I continues to groom, talk to, and hug him. He gets turned out in a small pasture each day with Cheers, and just gets to be a horse. I'm staying strong for him, he desevers it.

Its whats best for him, and thats all i can think about. He gave me his all for the time we had together. He is an amazing horse and he is getting a happy and peaceful ending (: Everyone who has met this horse truly knows how much love he has for everyone. When i met him almost 3 years ago, i fell in love with him right away, he will be in my heart forever ! you will be truly missed Hennessy. ):

I realized today how easy it is for my to type what i feel and not cry at all. But this evening when i was trying to read what i posted on Facebook to my mom, the water works began.


Amy said...

I am so sorry and am very amazed at your strength and clarity at such a young age. You have given Henny the life and love he deserves and you will always have the memories of your time together. I will pray for strenth over the next month for you.

Lex said...

Thanks you so much ! And thank you so much for showing your support for Me and Henny on your blog . it means a lot to me !

Lisa said...

I have to second Amy - you are truly a wonderful young horsewoman - putting your horse first no matter what. You say that you can't do anything for him but love him now. That is enough, I promise. Horses have no idea that one day death will come for them, they have no concept of that at all. They live in the moment and all he knows right now is that his mum loves him and he is on holiday living the life.

I'm sorry this has happened to poor Henny but he is a very lucky horse who will get a peaceful end. :)