Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 2

The day started at 8:00 am :
  • I feed all 4 horses by myself
  • After letting them eat for about an hour
  • My trainer and I moved all the jumps to the out door school
  • While she set up the jumps, I got Henny out of his stall, mucked out his stall , I quartered ( basic cleaning taking only 10-15 mins.) Henny, and put all of his jumping tack on !
  • I had a wonderful jumping lesson , Henny has came a long was, we did the whole thing in canter after warming up of course. 
  • After the lesson, i showered off Henny and put him outside.
  • My trainer got out Ransome and worked him on the lunge, while she was doing that I mucked out his stall.
  • After she was done, i showered him off and let him out side.
At around noon :
  • We took the other two for a hour long trail ride in Strawtown.
  • When we got back, By myself I  showered both of them off and let them out, then mucked out there stalls and cleaned the barn out !
At around 6:00 pm :
  • We brought the horses in and I feed them all !
Night Chack was around 9:00 pm :
  • Again by myself, I cleaned all there stalls and water and gave them fesh hay !

Tomorrow I will only be doing morning feed, mucking out and letting them outside , then i will go home for my day off , i will be back Thursday evening , do night chack and start my day up on Firday morning !!

Started next week , I will be doing everything on my own , and still getting a lesson on Henny everyday !


SprinklerBandit said...

Sounds like fun!

Lex said...

its more work them i've ever done, but its worth it !