Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 1

starting at 7:30 am :
  • feed at 4 horses
  • let horses outside
  • cleaned stalls
  • filled water buckets
  • filled hay bags
After that was all finshed we went to Foxton Farms to set up for the Dressage Show , that will be this weekend !

When we got back to the barn :
  • let in Henny and Ransome and we rode them for about 20 min , then took them for a short walk around the farm
  • showerd them off and let them back outside
  • let in Roman and Ramona and we rode them outside for about 30 min , themn took them for a walk down the street
  • showerd them off and put them in there stalls
  • let the other two boys in
  • feed everyone
  • cleaned tack
After that , went to a movie and dinner !

Back at the barn :
  • Night check- water , hay, clean stalls

and goodnight horses , maybe going for a trail ride in strawtown tomorrow (:

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